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For Precision Engineering

Design and Development

Before any manufacturing or machining of parts, tools and other engineering products, we consult the client to find exactly what critical requirements and features are needed. The next step is to create prototype designs using CAD. Autocad, Mastercam and Solidworks is the choice of software used to produce 3D designs, simulation and manufacturing solutions. Once all the criteria from the brief have been met a final design will be produced.


Solidworks, Mastercam and Autocad are our specialist CAD/CAM software suites that are used for creating designs and models for all our manufacturing output. Creating 3D models of tools and parts is cost effective for the client, saving time on producing hard prototypes which can be costly in time and expense. Producing 3D models allows for a more agile turnaround time on the project on a whole, faults found in a design can be altered within the design stage.


Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) systems use a program that allows machinery to be controlled by computers, all CAM systems use CNC (Computer Numerical Control), binary numbers controlling all aspects of manufacturing from speed, angle and positioning. The benefit of using CAM and CNC is the accuracy and efficiency it offers over manual processes, which are time consuming and not as efficient.

Contour Precision provides these services in Aylesbury and throughout the UK.



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