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EDM Spark Erosion

We have 40 years’ experience in spark erosion manufacturing

Contour Precision Ltd adopts the spark erosion method as it allows us to machine intricate details into challenging pieces for our clients' varying needs. The process consists of a direct current being connected to the tool and workpiece - this creates constant sparks between the two. The result of the sparks making contact with the material is tiny craters constantly eroding the material to the required standard.

EDM spark erosion enables us to produce the extremely accurate and intricate detail into the hardest materials including:

• Inconel
• Tantalum
• Hardened steel
• Titanium

We provide this service to our clients in Aylesbury, across the UK and overseas in a variety of industries, from energy and marine to motorsports and oil and gas.

Wire Erosion

Hole Burning

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