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Wire Erosion Cutting

Wire Erosion EDM in the UK

Contour Precision Ltd has over 40 years’ experience in offering wire erosion cutting as a service to our clients in Aylesbury and across the UK. The process allows us to be flexible and precise with the challenging requirements of each of our clients' projects who require accuracy and efficiency.

Incisions and shapes are made by non-contact means, so we can work with a variety of substances, in a range of thicknesses, including:

• Aluminium
• Brass
• Gold
• Nickel
• Silver
• Stainless Steel
• Titanium
• And much more

Wire erosion cutting is cost effective, extremely accurate and suitable for a range of materials and industries. Give the team at Contour Precision Ltd in Aylesbury a call today for wire erosion EDM in the UK and overseas.

Spark Erosion

Hole Burning

Call Contour Precision Ltd in Aylesbury today to find out how we can help you in the UK: 01296 381222


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